Latest Facebook rumor and announcements: Everything you must know

Keeping up with Facebook's latest news can be tough. But don't panic, we've listed all the important stuff you'll need to know about Facebook's biggest and most recent announcements.
Read on for Facebook's biggest announcements...

1. Facebook launches new video service

Image: Facebook
Facebook has launched a dedicated video service. The new 'Watch' tab will let users watch a range of online TV shows and even some Facebook original content.
Watch will gather information from user's Facebook friend's viewing habits and suggest shows for them.
Facebook users will also be able to chat with friends during episodes and join groups populated with people that like similar shows.
In a Facebook post, the company's founder Mark Zuckerberg said: "Watching a show doesn't have to be passive. It can be a chance to share an experience and bring people together who care about the same things."

2. Facebook acquires AI startup Ozlo

In an effort to expand its virtual assistant offering and help create more intuitive bots, this month Facebook acquired Palo Alto-based AI startup Ozlo.
Ozlo's website claims its team has generated 'a knowledge graph containing over 2 billion entities' and built 'AI technology that uses this data to understand real-world nuances'.
And while the financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, it's believed that most of Ozlo's 30 employees will be moving to Facebook's headquarters in California or Seattle.

3. Facebook users can now send money with TransferWise

In February 2017 money transfer firmTransferWise announced its integration with Facebook's Messenger app, enabling users to transfer money internationally. 
Launched as a chatbot, this service will guide Facebook users through the process of transferring money and even notify them when the best time is to exchange money. 
The bot is available in the U.S, Canada, Australia and Europe.

4. Facebook news: Facebook launches job posting feature

February also saw Facebook launch a toolallowing businesses in the U.S. and Canada to create job postings through their Facebook Pages.
In an attempt to take on Microsoft-owned LinkedIn, Facebook's new tool is aimed at small businesses and will enable potential candidates to respond to a job posting directly from the social network. 
The initial ad will be totally free to the employer but those wanting to boost the post to gain more exposure, like any Facebook ad, will be charged.

5. Facebook launches a 'unified inbox' for businesses

Last year, Facebook launched a 'unified inbox' for businesses using Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.
This new feature will provide one application for businesses to keep on top of Facebook, Messenger and Instagram conversations. The unified channel will hold conversations on businesses' Facebook posts, posts on pages and messages and comments on Instagram.
Facebook's unified inbox is being tested with specific organisations with the aim to roll it out to the wider audience in the coming months.

6. Facebook launches eBay and Gumtree-style marketplace

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook
Facebook has launched Marketplace, a Gumtree and eBay-style application letting people buy and sell items locally.
In a blog post, Director of Product Management Mary Ku said: "Facebook is where people connect, and in recent years more people have been using Facebook to connect in another way: buying and selling with each other.
"More than 450 million people visit buy and sell groups each month — from families in a local neighborhood to collectors around the world," Ku added.
Debuting in the US, the UK, Australia and New Zealand first, Facebook's new Marketplace smartphone app should be available in the coming days with a desktop application expected later in the year.

7. Facebook opens Profile Expression Kit to all developers

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook
First introduced at Facebook’s F8 conference earlier this year, Facebook's Profile Expression Kit now enables all developers to create and share photos and videos created in third-party apps on Facebook profiles. 
For example, via Boomerang, Facebook profiles can house a profile photo videos rather than static photos. 
Other integrated apps include MSQRD, BeautyPlus, Lollicam, Flixel Cinemagraph Pro and Vine.

8. Facebook messenger chatbots launched

At its 2016 F8 conference, Facebook announced that businesses will now be able to provide chatbots to deliver automated customer support. 

9. Facebook released its API for Facebook Live

Developers and companies alike will be able to access Facebook Live's API, meaning live videos could become increasingly popular this year.

10. Facebook announces Surround 360

Credit: iStock/sasha suzi.
Credit: iStock/sasha suzi.
Last year, Facebook announced Surround 360 - an open-source VR camera. This was great news for developers that want to build their own and for future Oculus Rift owners.

11. Facebook releases Bot Engine

In 2016, Facebook's Send and Receive API allows developers to create their own messenger chatbots for basic businesses responses to more specialised bots.

12. Facebook launches sponsored messenger ads

Credit: iStock/psphotograph
Credit: iStock/psphotograph
For customers already engaged with a brand, last year Facebook started pushing messaging ads to reconnect with consumers. 

13. Facebook announced Profile Expressions Kit

Credit: iStock/tanuha2001
Credit: iStock/tanuha2001
Announced in 2016, this kit will enable Facebook users to have video profile photos recorded from third-party apps.

14. Facebook launches Account Kit

Credit: iStock/yuri arcurs.
Credit: iStock/yuri arcurs.
Account Kit is plug-in for developers to help businesses grow and monetise from their apps via push notifications and bigger push campaigns. 

15. Facebook messenger announces Dropbox integration

© Dropbox
© Dropbox
Facebook announced (12 April 2016) that Dropbox would be integrated withFacebook messenger, enabling users to send and preview Dropbox files. This announcement comes a week ahead of its F8 conference which is expected to bring many more updates and new features to both the messenger and Facebook app. 

16. Facebook's iOS app now uses AI to narrate photos for the blind

© iStock/Henrik5000
© iStock/Henrik5000
According to The Next Web, Facebook is helping blind people 'see' photos by using artificial intelligence to narrate them via its iOS app. By using neural networks, the Facebook app will generate a description for every photo e.g. 'three women smiling with champagne'.

17. Facebook adds more emotion reaction buttons

Lat year, Facebook added five new emotions buttons. Love, anger, haha, sad and wow have joined the 'like' button to respond to friends posts. 
If you're using Facebook on a laptop or PC just hover over the 'like' button to choose your emotion and if using the Facebook app on your phone, hold down the 'like' button to reveal the latest five emotions. 

18. Facebook changes newsfeed algorithm

© iStock/Prykhodov
© iStock/Prykhodov
Last year, Facebook reportedly changed its newsfeed algorithm to puts stories you want to see at the top of your newsfeed. Facebook will use posts you usually like, comment on or share to determine what users would like to see at the top of their newsfeed when they login.
While we all know Facebook regularly makes changes to its newsfeed in a bid to perfect it, this change could improve the newsfeed user experience.

19. Facebook's shutting down Parse

In 2016, Facebook reported that it would close its mobile development platform Parse in 2017 to focus efforts on other projects. Facebook bought Parse in 2013 and had customers such as Quip and Orbitz, according to the New York Times. 
Facebook are reportedly open-sourcing the Parse server and offering a migration tool to help integrated apps migrate to other platforms. 

20. Facebook launches a professional version of social network to be used at work

Credit: iStock/Squaredpixels
Credit: iStock/Squaredpixels
Last year Facebook launched a professional network. The platform, 'Workplace by Facebook' aims to keep the look and user experience of the usual Facebook newsfeed with chat capabilities and likes and comments. Facebook also blocks game requests according to reports.

21. Facebook will hide updates from your ex

Credit: iStock/Stepan Popov
Credit: iStock/Stepan Popov
Last year it was reported that Facebook is testing a new feature to help users get over a nasty break-up. Facebook will hide statuses from exes and their name won't appear when tagging someone in a photo or status.

22. Apple Music and Spotify on your timeline

Scott Beale/
Scott Beale/
Facebook added 'Music Stories' to users' timelines. This feature allows users to listen to thirty seconds of songs and albums from Spotify and Apple Music. This service is currently only available on the Facebook iOS app.

23. News app

It was reported in 2015 that Facebook was launching a breaking news app. The app will be called Notify and will provide real-time news updates.

24. Message requests

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook
Facebook announced a feature enabling its users to connect with others they may not already be 'friends' with. Facebook can send notifications alerting users of new messages to be either ignored or responded to. Previously, these messages were sent to the 'other' folder within the inbox and for most of us, never seen.

25. Live sport updates

Last year, Facebook allegedly tested real-time sport updates to be delivered right to your phone. It's reported that users will be able to subscribe to receive updates that will appear within the messenger app.

26. Messenger

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook
New developer tools can integrate GIFs, photos, videos and audio clips in the Messenger tool. Zuckerberg also revealed that businesses will be able to integrate with Messenger as a way to speak to its customers – similar to how firms deal with complaints or FAQs over Twitter.

27. Facebook Analytics for Apps

Credit: iStock/Prykhodov
Credit: iStock/Prykhodov
Developers have been given a dashboard to measure how people are using their apps so they can better understand their devices, allowing them to tailor their marketing campaigns to ensure their app takes off. 

28. LiveRail

Credit: iStock/Luchezar
Credit: iStock/Luchezar
Video and display ad revenues for mobile app publishers can be managed through LiveRail’s monetisation platform. This means developers can follow Facebook’s method of providing personalised advertising.

29. Internet of things

Credit: Parse
Credit: Parse
In 2015, a new line of IoT Parse SDKs were announced, starting with one specifically for Arduino Yun – a wifi-enabled makerboard that helps connect inanimate objects to smartphones. Parse’s founder Ilyar Sukhar gave a nod to a smart garage door manufacturer that built a door that can be unlocked through a smartphone through Parse. 

30. Open Source

Credit: iStock/Pearleye
Credit: iStock/Pearleye
Facebook’s chief technology officer Mike Schroepfer announced in 2015, several open sourced designs for its infrastructure that developers can use.
Firstly, an iOS version of React Native – which allows developers to build Ios AND Android UIs without a browser or WebView has been opened up on Github. In addition, Fresco, Component Kit, Year Class and Connection class have been open sourced and Nuclide is set to follow.  

31. Facebook AI

Credit: iStock/Abidal
Credit: iStock/Abidal
Facebook’s artificial intelligence experts have already proved influential through their recent research publications. But the F8 developer conference showcased one of their most recent technologies, Memory Networks, which showed a machine able to answer sophisticated questions about a Lord of the Rings synopsis. 

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